• Damage Multiplier
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited Resources

Note: Increase when you spent (set as default).

Never before have you become the mercenary army leader, then Bbulle War Clicker 2 is your chance to dominate and run such a large gang. Players face discontent when there are invaders to their territory; like a soldier’s instinct, you must try to prevent an attack to destroy them back to the old place. More than 300 mercenaries are waiting to be recruited by you to fight to protect Midland.

대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2


Midland is known to be a fertile area, so it has received attention from many different factions. Among them is the appearance of the extremely dangerous Carfax invaders. That’s why we need you to fight against them with vicious attacks. They possess many of the most modern weapons combined with physical damage that makes everyone afraid. Not stopping there, they also possess the highest level of spooky magic.


At Bbulle War Clicker 2, we bring you more than 300 soldiers with excellent mercenary missions divided into many classes from E to S. Each class has its own unique powers. You can smartly apply summoner spells to your minions integrated into your strategy so you can fight back against your enemies. Besides, there is also the appearance of modern scientific and technological research to expose the invaders’ crimes.

Not stopping there, we bring you many tips on good strategies. Specifically, you can also hire more mercenaries with significant damage to counter the enemy’s physical attacks. In addition, you need to determine which are the weak links in that set and catch them to destroy first and then massively attack the remaining force. Not stopping there, the perfect combination of mercenaries and debuffs will contribute to reducing the enemy’s resistance.

대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2 대용병시대 – 뿔레전쟁 시즌2


  • Transform into a tycoon who hires mercenaries to serve his war.
  • Enemies with a variety of attacks from physical to terrifying magic.
  • More than 300 soldiers are ready to join the fight to protect Midland territory against invaders.
  • Added power-up summoner spells along with unique technological research.
  • The perfect combination of mercenaries with debuffs to reduce invaders’ resistance significantly.