1. Gems Injection
2. Unlimited Keys
3. Unlimited Mana

Buff Knight Advanced gives you approachable gameplay where the knight or sorceress constantly moves forward and faces other enemies. Your job is to use the skills and magic you have to destroy them and avoid blood loss. At the same time, during the game, you can collect many resources to upgrade the character’s stats and weapons.

Buff Knight Advanced: Idle RPG


In Buff Knight Advanced, players will choose one of two characters, a knight and a sorceress, to start the level, and both have different powers that you will notice. In front, there will be enemies constantly appearing to stop the player’s progress, so you use your attack to destroy them and complete the level. Of course, players can easily access what this game gives them.

Your characters will move in a 2D pixel environment, and they will constantly move forward. The only job you need to do is to perform attacks to destroy opponents and support the character in dangerous situations. At the same time, at the beginning of the level, it is completely obvious that you will have many failures, so you will try to find a solution to overcome this problem. The game will bring you attractive and idle gameplay.

Buff Knight Advanced: Idle RPG


When starting Buff Knight Advanced, the player will see the attacks and magic on the right side of the main screen that the character can use. Basic attacks will mostly consume less mana, but magic skills will usually cost a certain amount. So you can change your attack pattern to match the number of enemies you encounter. You will try to make them inaccessible to the character because it will cause the character to lose blood.

The ultimate goal of the game screen is that you will need to maintain health to be able to run to a further location, and the player’s progress will be displayed on the left corner of the screen. At the same time, mana to use skills can be restored continuously to prepare for the next attack. You will be able to take advantage of many things to reach the end goal and face bosses of absolutely gigantic size.

The player will constantly move throughout the game until he encounters a monster of absolutely giant size. Of course, you will have a hard time dealing with it, and you will need to prepare yourself for powerful attacks and different equipment. You can use the potion you carry to maintain HP and mana during attacks. You will also face new enemies that constantly appear to stop your progress.

Buff Knight Advanced: Idle RPG


As you move in Buff Knight Advanced, you will see many objects appear, such as vases, chests, and many other objects. Some can be destroyed and give you a certain amount of resources to use, and the two primary resources you will use in this title include gold coins and diamonds. At the same time, each resource will have different uses that you will need to consider and choose carefully.

Diamonds will often be harder to get than gold, so you’ll need to consider which of your character’s stats to increase, like strength, dexterity, melee damage, and more. At the same time, gold coins will often be used to upgrade weapons, and with each upgrade, these weapons will have a color change. During the battle, you can also use tools with a limited number of uses, such as the scroll that can summon some meteors.

Buff Knight Advanced: Idle RPG

Players will begin their journey to destroy their enemies with a knight or a sorceress:

  • At the beginning of the game screen, you will be able to choose one of two characters and begin your journey to confront the enemies that appear before you.
  • You will choose the right attack and use the mana bar to travel longer distances and face new enemies.
  • Along the way, you’ll be able to break many items that will surprise you with gold or diamonds to use in the game.
  • There are many items with limited use that you need to consider, such as potions, scrolls that summon meteors, and many more.
  • Characters all have stats that are upgraded with diamonds and equipment that can be changed when upgrading with gold coins.