Coming to Cookie Cats Pop, you are like entering the paradise of super cute cats and accompanying four characters – 4 cats with different colors and personalities. Join them to rescue the cats trapped in the series of colorful bubbles. For many reasons, they are stuck there; depending on each level, you need to rescue a different number. Just shoot, don’t let the bubbles get too close to the screen, and listen to the cookie song performed by the cats.


Cookie Cats Pop is more than just an entertaining game. You will be really immersed in this game by the cuteness that the cats bring. With a noble mission – rescue the cats from the tight envelopment of bubbles. You are ready to shoot down a series of colorful bubbles with the top 4 cats. Rescue the significant cats, aim the proper focus and shoot immediately.

Cookie Cats Pop Cookie Cats Pop


This game does not require time, and you just need to remember the most important task is to rescue the cats. Players will need to go through many spaces in Cookie Cats Pop, i.e., neighborhoods with cats that need to be rescued. Go to the right place to do your duty. You need to accurately shoot the row of bubbles where the cats are and rescue them safely from that suffocation. You should strategize and snipe as quickly as possible.


We bring you a colorful cute world of pitiful cats. Please do everything you can to bring them peace. Players need to go through hundreds of levels to free all cats in trapped bubbles. The number of levels will be continuously updated, and the difficulty will increase gradually. Just play and rescue – what you need to do. The higher you go, the more cats need to be rescued, and they will be in more challenging positions.


The special thing that Many gamers have always chosen Cookie Cats Pop is probably thanks to the clearness in the scoring process. For each shot you spend to rescue the cats, there will be different points depending on the accuracy. You can even lose points if you aim at the wrong target. The better the shot, the higher the score. The faster you rescue the cats, the better the number of stars you will win.

With lovely graphics along with easy gameplay, the game is suitable for everyone. You can compete with your friends when offering games to rescue adorable cats. Calculate a clear score after each shot. In addition, you can replay the level you want to play to practice your sniper ability as well as improve your score. Conquer the highest level you’ve never been before.

Cookie Cats Pop Cookie Cats Pop


During the challenge with Cookie Cats Pop, you will always be accompanied by four adorable adult cats. Players will rescue trapped cats in their own way, so there is no official gameplay. You can enjoy the lovely songs that the cats bring to each level during the rescue separately.

  • Shoot a series of colorful bubbles to accomplish a critical mission – rescue many cats who are trapped in those cookie balls.
  • Come up with the best strategy to go on missions in various neighborhoods, shoot accurately to rescue the adorable cats from the stuffy bubbles.
  • Go through hundreds of difficult levels to rescue cute cats. The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty and the more cats need to be rescued.
  • Compete with friends with exciting games; after each shot, the score will be updated so you can rest assured and enjoy the fun.
  • At each level, you are accompanied by cats, who will sing you lovely songs every time you successfully complete a mission.