CRiOS X – Icon Pack will be an application that can bring users exceptional satisfaction when using the phone. If you are a person who loves change and feels too bored with the basic icons or wallpapers of your phone, this will be an extremely suitable application. Coming to this application, users will get highly positive changes to be able to give them the inspiration to use the phone.

CRiOS X – Icon Pack


Undoubtedly, many phone users will feel bored with the basic icons that manufacturers set up for their phones. Often these icons will all be designed to be extremely simple to be suitable for all different users. But now, you will have complete use of a large icon store with up to 4390 different icons for you to choose from.

CRiOS X – Icon Pack


Besides the icons that have been pre-formatted by the phone manufacturer, the wallpaper is also one of the special problems of a phone. Now, devices have also optimized your experience when allowing users to change many different backgrounds. But the problem is that the device’s wallpaper collection is not diverse to choose our favorite wallpapers. With CRiOS X – Icon Pack, users will be able to use more than 100 different previously designed wallpapers.

CRiOS X – Icon Pack


All the wallpapers and icons will be specially designed to give my users certain satisfaction. Many creative designers have spent a lot of time creating highly detailed wallpapers or icons. All the icons you present will be brought to you in 2K SuperHD+ (360×360) Pixel resolution. And the wallpapers are also designed in detail with a resolution of 2K (1440×2560) Pixels.


In addition to sending you the most beautiful and sharp icons or wallpapers, the application also cares about the ability to update. CRiOS X – Icon Pack developers want to bring their users the best updates. And the updates sent to you will often come with lots of new icons and wallpapers for you.

CRiOS X – Icon Pack


  • The application gives users about 4390 icons with 2K SuperHD + (360×360) Pixel resolution.
  • The base wallpaper of the device will be replaceable with more than 100 different options designed with a resolution of 2K (1440×2560) Pixels.
  • All the wallpapers and icons of the application have been carefully designed with attention to even the smallest detail.
  • App update ability is a unique feature that will bring users the latest icon sets or wallpapers.
  • The interface of the application is also designed to be simple, accessible, and easy to use for any user.