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E-Bike Tycoon is a business building simulation game specializing in building new bicycles for modern people. The most impressive thing is that its concept and gameplay are developed uniquely, utterly different from the usual tycoon games. Also, while researching new bikes, players can enjoy or expand the tycoon system’s capabilities to maximize the business’s potential revenue.

E-Bike Tycoon


A player’s content or progress in E-Bike Tycoon revolves around designing new bike models through each part and function. Depending on their unique capabilities, the production of bicycles can also diversify or expand significantly, thereby bringing in a considerable revenue stream. In addition, many systems related to business management are also developed in-depth to diversify the gameplay to new extents.


The main content and products in the player’s business are next-generation bicycles, with exciting standards and performance to enhance everyone’s quality of life. The beautiful vehicle design system is also refined and in-depth, along with many additional options for the player to broaden its content or performance. Over time, premium parts will gradually unlock to create more modern and advanced bike prototypes.

E-Bike Tycoon


Besides the bicycle design system, E-Bike Tycoon also wants players to prioritize or use many ideas suitable for many customers. In particular, bicycles will prioritize small, light, strong, durable, and have many performances worthy of a bike of a new generation. They can also install powerful electric motors to satisfy customers and increase business revenue with many impressive ideas.

E-Bike Tycoon


Users’ businesses will have many headquarters or large corporations depending on how they develop later. Interestingly, each room is designed with a hexagon layout, suitable for expansion and more in the future, representing a novel and superior company building mechanism. Above all, it also creates a modern and sophisticated feel in the player’s experience, opening many exciting discoveries to the process of managing a modern business.


Essential parts of the business have separate upgrade systems for players to develop all headquarters. E-Bike Tycoon will introduce many functions commonly found in large-scale enterprises, and players will upgrade facilities, number of workers, and more. On top of that, each room also opens up a lot of new content for businesses to put into operation and increase passive income.

E-Bike Tycoon


Every activity or process spends corresponding amounts of money, and the investment system introduced in the game will present players with huge revenue opportunities. Of course, they have to manage every budget properly in all activities, even providing the necessary funds to develop projects or prototypes. The process of managing a business’s budget is complex and requires a lot of care, and it is realistically sketched or simulated in this game.

E-Bike Tycoon

E-Bike Tycoon is one of the first tycoon games to apply a modern and sophisticated style to each element to give players a new experience. Not only that, they can continue research and upgrade the business to create more superior products, thereby creating many idle revenue streams from many creative factors when designing beautiful bicycles.