1. Menu
2. God Mode
3. Skill Always Usable
4. DMG x20
5. Dumb Enemy
6. Reflect DMG
7. Auto Win

Do you think there are a lot of options? What does this Kamisaman system have to do with a mysterious girl named Kamisaman, a lot of demons, magical girls, a world in chaos, and mysterious disappearances? How will the future be changed by the “options” you choose?

In a young adult story set in Shibuya, you must form bonds with 12 magical girls and help them find their inner “possibility” as young boys leading them in battle. 3D magical girl battles! Then you can buy more clothes from the gacha, and you’ll find them cute or cool. Auto-battle is smooth, and the skill system is flexible.

Boring and fun. Girls were going about their day. Then demons and a cat-like creature appeared. The black cat taught the girls to create new versions of themselves. Only the girls can decide the world’s fate with their new powers.

A young girl named Iroha Asobe wants to be a magical girl. She has a strong sense of fairness and is very kind, and she never ignores someone who is in trouble. She does seem to act quickly, though, because she does things quickly. Since they were kids, Iroha’s best friend has been Kaori Tomonaga. Iroha has good sense, but she is easily convinced and often manipulated.