International Fashion Stylist is a game where players will experience the fun of designing styles for celebrities and learning about them. You will spend time overcoming the levels that this game brings. With a wide variety of items, countless new styles will be created, so it’s a chance for your creativity. Surely you will not ignore the unique challenges and things that the game has just updated.


In the new version of International Fashion Stylist, players will experience new challenges and exciting elements that have just been added to help you create new styles. In Style Diary mode, the number of levels that players can experience has been increased by 25 levels. Each level has its exciting characteristics and challenges that players must overcome. At the same time, you can undoubtedly develop more styles when your wardrobe has been expanded.

In addition to increasing the number of levels that players must complete, you also have access to more than 300 categories such as dress, tops, bags, etc. With this impressive amount, you can mix and match different styles and express them in the game’s game modes. Indeed the time you experience this game will be longer, and there will be many exciting things for you to send to your friends if they also play this game like you.


In International Fashion Stylist, you will find a primary game mode called Style Diary that will open up many opportunities to develop your design skills. Its gameplay is similar to playing a standard style-design game, but there will be a slight difference. You won’t spend hours creating a style and then starting from scratch without any goals. In this game, you will have for yourself many customers that you are forced to meet their needs.

It is similar to a diary, so it will have lists of different clients that you can choose from. After selecting, you will see information related to that character and their requirements. The requirement usually dictates what kind of clothing should be used, and you must adhere to it strictly. Right after that, you will be taken to the design interface, where there are many things for you to take advantage of and use to create an impressive style.

The requirements that customers ask for are not too specific, so you are free to experience what you like as long as you ensure the type of clothing they require. Some items in your wardrobe will be completely free, and of course, others will need to be completely paid for. After completing the style for the client, you will be evaluated through a score. If your suit is not too bad, then you can get a certain amount.


As mentioned above, in International Fashion Stylist, you will find many different levels and meet customer requirements to earn money. You only have enough money to buy 1-2 items that you want because you get a certain amount at the start of the game. So you can make a lot of money and spend your time choosing what clothes or accessories you like. Indeed, the larger the number of items, the higher your odds of getting a positive review will be.