Happy Wheels develops intense confrontation between players with hundreds of different challenges arranged in each round. Every hour that passes will be an opportunity for you to assert your ingenuity and intelligence. The system provides quality matches with the support of all modern devices. You will choose your favorite character, use them in any match, and move on with your learned skills. The newly updated version has increased the level of Pogo Stick Guy and made it more attractive.

Happy Wheels


The system of characters participating in the fun at Happy Wheels is a remarkable convergence. They will bring different stories about their own lives. Based on the essential characteristics of their vehicles and bodies, you will have many great plans for yourself. One person does the entire challenge in each game. You can change your mind when the current game is over and about to start a new game.

Characters that will be used include a father carrying his son on a bicycle. You think it’s troublesome, but no, he’s very irritable. We want you not to drop your baby on the go. Is it too difficult for a fat man with an electric cart full of food to move and overcome the challenge? You can also play the role of a patient in a wheelchair and help him move. If they are too boring, choose an exemplary office worker to help.

Happy Wheels


With more than 60 different levels, Happy Wheels is an unequal confrontation for any player. They will, in turn, register for different positions in each game. You will start with an easy match. First, everything goes quite smoothly, and you can overcome obstacles without any problems. But the difficulty will begin in the next games when the level is advanced—obstacles in the way such as giant stones, nails, or some prohibition signs and scary holes. Players need to make sure they are safe after crossing them to reach the finish line.

Happy Wheels


All features provided in Happy Wheels are aimed at serving your journey. When things become more complex, experience and tactics will be an excellent condition for you to overcome them. The system provides touch controls displayed on the screen to help you easily control the character, making their path and actions according to your liking. The ramps or with too many obstacles will be a unique challenge for the ability to apply the control keys. A timer also kicks in from the moment you move to determine the amount of time you need to complete this task. Players take control of the ride and can stop the game whenever they want with the open and close button in the left corner of the screen!

Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels continues to offer special challenges to help players create more great memories with the game. Puzzles that make you wonder, giant obstacles, or a few small nails that cause the wheel to deform will all make it difficult for you. Besides other skill conditions, a perfect strategy and good spirit will be the most suitable support tool for this trip. The journey in a game will end when the player completes the trip without too much damage, and the system will be the place to distribute the necessary rewards to pay for your efforts.

Happy Wheels


  • Players take on the challenge of overcoming obstacles along the way and facing the dangers of the terrain you must overcome, completing the role-playing challenge.
  • Evolve the level system by providing more matches for each specific theme in the game, perfecting the features to offer and their performance.
  • Divide the game’s challenges into much unique content in each level; to conquer this level, you will have to overcome its challenges.
  • Choose the character you want; we have the participation of funny characters, familiar cars, and many exciting stories about their travels.
  • Complete the difficult journey with system supports, learn to use the control keys more professionally, and quickly finish to receive rewards.