1. Unlimited Diamonds
2. Unlimited Energy
3. Unlocked Prestige

Idle World is unique from any other game when it takes players to a dimension with a new perspective to complete the construction of a new planet with creatures like a miniature Earth in their device. The newly updated version has fixed most of the bugs in the previous release. Do you already have it on your device? Get ready to join this space! Discover how to create a blue planet, and you are surely recreating it like a movie from that past.

Idle World ! Idle World !


A background that quickly shows up as soon as you log into the game, you’ll start at the starting line with an empty planet, and it looks like it’s dying. The planet relief activities you perform in Idle World will provide more and more diverse and new energy sources. Is this a motivation for you to continue when the salary increases and they help you develop to a new level?

The terrain of this giant ball in your possession is quite rough. Will you use the right amount of energy you have? Let’s start with greening it. Grow plants with seeds that come in a bag and give them a little time to grow. Once the vegetation was developed and diversified, so did animal life. They start to evolve, and it’s great that you can watch that process. To sustain life, use your abilities to give it air!


Do you organize visits to your friend’s planet? It’s easy to join the Idle World fanbase by viewing the leaderboards or connecting with some of the neighboring planets. The daily upgrade will let you break the time limit, explore it all day without receiving any reminders.

Do you share the same anxiety with other players about disasters or risks that can come at any time? So what will be the response when they visit your planet? Willing to unlock the atmosphere, it is the most practical action to maintain the longer-term survival of the newly built planet. Besides, the implementation of upgrading facilities on the ground and owning different species of plants and animals as well as accelerating human evolution!

Idle World ! Idle World ! Idle World !


With beautiful and realistic graphics, the images that are played when you start Idle World are special masterpieces. In the vast universe, your planet is the most beautiful picture, and it is the dream world that you always aspire to build. Enjoy the same different tools that help you build and grow, and they work differently, support each other, and we think you should learn a little bit about how they work.

There’s never spare time, there’s always a task for you to do, and there’s always something going wrong that needs you to participate in upgrades and repairs. There is a separate category that opens when you click on the settings box, and it contains tools that support upgrading or want to be more creative, more diverse, collect the required conditions to unlock new features, and buy more accessories you like. Have fun building and designing your own planet.


Idle World is a unique game about building and developing the planet at your disposal, using our professional tooling system to make building and upgrading easier, and get a smoother experience. It looks like you’ll also get to see more of the creature’s unique phenomena. Enjoy this great space and leave your review below; we look forward to improving the next version.