Indy Cat is a match-three game where the player and a cat character explore a mysterious area filled with ruins and challenging match-three levels. Players will try to complete them by completing the requirements with a certain number of turns. At the same time, the conditions will continuously increase in number and difficulty, so players can use boosters to accelerate the completion of the level.

Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure


In Indy Cat, players will follow a cat’s journey as it travels to mysterious areas with different ruins. Behind these monuments are mysterious stories that need to be deciphered and the characters they will meet along the way. At the same time, this is a challenging journey as it is associated with puzzle levels, and if you complete a stage, you can go on and continue to unlock the story of this game.

The type of puzzle that players find in the game revolves around match-three levels of a game genre that is familiar to many players. The mechanics of the game do not cause too much difficulty for players when they only need to swipe a gem in the frame of the game screen. At the same time, three or more elements will form a match and create specific effects on the surrounding elements. From there, the player will have a basis to complete the requirements of the game screen.


When starting the level in Indy Cat, the player will need to know the request that this game sends and the limit on the turn. Each time you successfully match will count as one turn, and if you don’t complete the level within the limited number of turns, the level will fail. At the same time, this affects the strategy and gameplay of players when they cannot match freely but need to choose the necessary elements to match.

Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

The journey to reach the land’s mysteries in the game is long because the player will overcome many different match-three levels. These levels are clearly displayed on the game’s map, and it can be said that the number of levels will be completely diverse and attractive to players. At the same time, their difficulty level will continuously increase, and new mechanics will constantly appear before you, especially the requirements will become more complex.

One factor that makes it difficult for players is that players have to complete many requests simultaneously. In the initial stages, the required number is usually one, and you can use all your moves to complete it. But in the later stages, players will need to collect many elements scattered throughout the game screen and destroy some treasure chests. Players will try to fulfill these requirements with their tactical ability.


When it comes to a match-three game like Indy Cat, players will not be able to ignore many boosters with impressive destructive effects. The way to create them is understandable: combining more than three gems of the same type in different ways. From there, you can speed up the fulfillment process by creating destructive powers in a range with a single move. In addition, the game also has an evaluation element that you cannot ignore.

Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure Indy Cat – Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

On the left side is the progress bar, and above it, there are attached stars that are considered the game’s rating system. The progress bar is constantly filling to help light up different stars, and the more points you create, the more quickly you will be able to complete the bar. In addition, anyone wants to achieve three stars in one level, and indeed, this is the motivation for players to complete the level.

Players will be attracted to the journey to explore the relics:

  • The relics in this game are associated with match-three levels with increasing difficulty that players are forced to face.
  • Players will complete the requirements in a predetermined number of turns, and they need to make the matches accurately and carefully.
  • The requirements number will not be fixed, and the player has difficulty in some levels when completing the requirements simultaneously.
  • The boosters that this game possesses are diverse with different destructive powers and help you speed up the level of the game.
  • Each level has a progress bar with three stars, and the player will try to collect these three stars with the number of points they earn.