iSyncr is an application that helps you sync audio files from iTunes on other devices to Android devices easily. After choosing the connection method between the two devices, you will start the synchronization process and immediately receive new files. In addition, the information on the files is preserved to ensure your experience and the application provides the ability to sync back to iTunes.

iSyncr: iTunes to Android


If you have a music store located in iTunes and want to listen to it on your Android device, you should not ignore iSyncr. Users can fully sync the songs they want, and depending on the version you are using currently, the number of possible syncs will also vary. At the same time, the way to connect to start the synchronization process is also completely done in a simple way that you will be able to do quickly.


Once you start syncing audio files with iSyncr, you won’t be able to ignore the connection methods between the devices you want to sync. So there are two main methods that you can use: USB cable and wifi. Each type of connection will have different benefits and issues that you need to take care of. For example, setting up a connection via wifi can help you sync anytime you want, but if you can’t find the device, you need to make a manual connection.


After the connection process is successful, you will come to the main interface of iSyncr, where the list of lists you currently own. These lists are pulled from your source device, and you only need to touch a list, and the sync can be done quickly. After that, the notification process will display a log containing information related to the files you have just synced to the device.

iSyncr: iTunes to Android iSyncr: iTunes to Android


When using iSyncr’s synchronization feature, surely users will pay attention to many factors when performing synchronization when duplicate files in the same list. Specifically, this can be solved through a message displayed after each successfully performed sync. You will know what elements already exist, what new elements appear in the device. Also, duplicate elements won’t be resynchronized so that you can rest assured about duplicates, and you’ll often pick up the list that’s just been added.


One notable feature of using the application is that you will be able to sync a wide variety of audio files available on your original device. In other words, you’ll be able to sync multiple music files that your smartphone doesn’t have. In addition, the feature is also completely effective in syncing the podcasts you listen to, so you can listen to any audio file no matter what platform it is on. You won’t waste time searching for its information and downloading it again.

A remarkable point when you use the application is that the information related to the audio files will be fully transferred to the smartphone. In other words, you can find the album art, ratings, and more. In particular, some bookmarks that you have set for some podcasts are always preserved, and you can identify what you are interested in and listening to. The experience of listening to files will not be changed.

iSyncr: iTunes to Android iSyncr: iTunes to Android


Besides syncing from another device to your smartphone, you can sync back to your iTunes playlist. In other words, you will have the flexibility to share files between the two platforms, which will not take much time. This feature can meet the needs of many people when they want their favorite lists to be listened to on any platform without having to spend a lot of time searching and downloading them.

Users will be able to find these features helpful when performing synchronization:

  • The application offers two methods of connecting two devices and performing straightforward synchronization with many people.
  • The information of the audio files is preserved when coming to the new platform, so the user experience is entirely unchanged.
  • The application provides you with many playlists in iTunes and makes it possible to sync many files depending on the version.
  • A summary list will appear after each time you set up sync, and you will know the number of new elements and the pre-existing ones.
  • The app gives you the feature to sync back to iTunes, and the list on the two devices will be the same and give you the same experience.