Kill Shot Bravo builds a virtual world where players can become elite shooters and start their lives with many resounding feats. At the beginning of the wars for territory, you will receive the task of protecting your land from the invasion of foreign forces. But this receives a lot of obstacles; let’s push them back and keep moving forward. As a special forces soldier, you have our weapons’ skills, experience, and support.

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game


Depending on the terrain or the task that the player will participate in Kill Shot Bravo to be able to choose for themselves a satisfactory gun. The list is a collection of all the weapons that you can use in this fierce battle. Missions that need to get close to the opponent or run fast on the road to chase will be provided with compact and light guns. For missions that require the support of buildings and fighters, you will need sniper rifles and sniper rifles. Bombs and mines are also a perfect choice if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

The gun’s level also determines the player’s gun skill. With guns with great damage, it is easier for you to control them and get victory than guns with minor damage. That’s why you start the activity of upgrading the gun in the inventory. In addition, other options such as life-saving functions thanks to the armor, energy drinks, or eyes that can determine any location are also perfect choices. Immerse yourself in your battle and win with an highly realistic first-person perspective.

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game


The number of tasks that you will receive up to hundreds of notifications every day. Kill Shot Bravo will arrange the player’s tasks in the mailbox; you can choose one of over 4000 quests to start. Head-to-head battles require your presence; you can move forward and close in on the enemy at close range with weapons in hand. Another mission takes place on high when you can penetrate a great distance to aim and shoot opponents. Other missions will take place on different types of vehicles. However, the common point is still to defeat the enemy with your intelligence and acumen.

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game


For activities that require the participation of friends, such as destroying a building, Kill Shot Bravo will initiate teaming. You will be arranged to work with many others to create the most potent squad. The number of your victories will judge team spirit, and the leaderboard will recognize that achievement by the score they scored. The system forms a chat box right on the interface to help players easily exchange information even while the game is in progress.


Kill Shot Bravo creates many opportunities for players to improve their abilities and show off their abilities in the game. The most difficult missions like direct confrontation or aiming from above will not make you back down. In order to bring interesting content, the most realistic images, the system has invested a lot in technical improvement activities. Image and sound quality are always concerned. Updates will be the time when we listen to your comments and start fixing bugs. The explosive battles closest to you will be given the earliest warning. As a professional shooter, overthrowing the conspiracy of the opponent create a more favorable position for you and your teammates.

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game


  • The content is developed to cause a lot of excitement for players, towards fierce and bloody battles. You can join any battle get the tasks you want.
  • Every day, the system adds new missions to help you gain more experience and improve your reflexes in each battle. We’ll send mission notifications to your inbox on a regular basis.
  • Perform the job of a gunman, join any group and complete the mission of a special squad. You will receive new achievements when performing missions with teammates.
  • The menu provides all the necessary weapons for a fight; players will discover them. However, it is necessary to upgrade to unlock and have access to newly released guns.
  • Get lots of rewards worthy of your efforts. As a professional shooter, you can get more than one bonus chest by taking on additional missions or activities for a large organization.