• Diamonds increase when used to buy energy

Love & Pies is a sweet paradise, where we will build together interesting chains of shops and cakes. This is an attractive puzzle game, and players will find the unknowns of the puzzle pieces. Shock, the surprise is what you encounter because your favorite bakery is burned down. But that’s okay; the game will always present you with challenges and also allow you to rebuild. More interesting is that the game will have a lot of mysteries waiting for you to discover.

Love & Pies – Merge Love & Pies – Merge


Your Windmill coffee shop suddenly caught fire for no apparent reason. This is the property that you and your wife built but now has become a ruin. You are unfortunate because of this event, but fortunately, the game has helped you restore this cafe. As long as you solve the typical puzzles in the game, you can upgrade this place. More interesting is that you can upgrade to a chain of coffee shops, the enormous pastry in the city.

Love & Pies, in turn, will give you exciting puzzles, and you must try to conquer them. A series of cakes and drinks appear randomly on the board; you need to choose the same items to team up. After passing all the gates, now you will receive special gifts. These gifts can be machine upgrade vouchers or can also be large booths.


Before, you and your husband only focused on developing the coffee shop without thinking of other bold ideas. Now your booth, your chain of stores has been upgraded to become the hottest central location in the city. So let’s develop more typical cakes that you have cherished for a long time. Perhaps combining cakes and drinks will make your shop more crowded, and this bold idea will get positive results.

Sales are increasing day by day, and now you need to develop a chain of stores. Building more locations with attractive layouts will help increase revenue. Combine with seasonal decorations to capture the strengths of the restaurant. Develop modern machines to create an impression of a cake. More specifically, you should update the menu regularly and receive contributions from customers in Love & Pies.


After you have settled into the business, you also start investigating the old coffee shop. Why burned down? Who is the mastermind? Indeed the investigation will take a lot of time, but Love & Pies will help you discover. The game gives you a security camera, and all the evidence is in your hands. More interesting is the game enables you to go back in time to witness everything happening.

The fun continues in Love & Pies to make an impression on players. Through this, players will see their own charms and build special chains of stores for themselves.

Love & Pies – Merge Love & Pies – Merge


  • Open a chain of coffee shops, typical cakes.
  • Try to combine more drinks and cakes.
  • Receive positive comments from users.
  • Upgrade more chain stores and related machines.
  • Find the traces of the person who set fire to the store.
  • Find clues and convicts.