Made – Story Editor & Collage is a storytelling software with many utilities such as templates, fonts, photo filters, and including a storyboard. It creates an environment for users to draw their own stories freely. In addition, it is also updated with new templates every month for you to freely choose and experience new sensations without being bored to improve your story management with minimal and reasonable templates.


Explore limitless creative possibilities with templates that match your desired aesthetic. The great thing is that it provides you with design references with 32 different free templates + 50 different premium templates, thereby slowly triggering the artistic creativity in each person’s mind.


To bring color, life, and dynamism to the stories you tell, we create and offer you over 40 different colors to customize your page background, from bleak pastels that belong to sad stories or fresh colors for love stories. Indulge in your choices and craft an immersive and engaging story.


A good story not only lies in the content, but the way it is expressed also attracts readers and viewers. Don’t just mechanically draw a dry story; write a story using your brain with creative writing. Feel free to edit with 16 fonts ranging from simple to flexible to suit each individual story situation.


Made helps you enhance the quality of your photos with ten professional filters, immerse yourself in your own story through the continuous change of colors that each photo brings, including dramatic stories, autobiography, or a love story full of romance, making users feel like they’re really immersed in it.


In addition, the storyboard will be the savior to build complete stories from start to finish when users have not come up with ideas or feel their ideas are not perfect. With just a few taps, work has been created perfectly. You can then seamlessly connect and share to Instagram for everyone to enjoy and appreciate your work.

Made enhances his understanding of writing ability; the ability to write stories stimulates the development of artistic tendencies. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading and creating your own stories.