1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Diamonds
*spend as you want even don’t have enough

New City cannot be founded or administered properly without a capable mayor. In this free city simulator, you can become mayor and lead your city to fame. As mayor, you must make your city both appealing and prosperous. Mayors are in charge of promoting business and urban development. Create a megacity from the ground up, starting with a tiny farming settlement and working your way up to the addition of profitable mines and beach resorts.

After years of inept administration, New Metropolis, a once-free and thriving metropolis, has been destroyed. The city requires more than simply a farm to reach its full potential. They should be grateful that you are the mayor. To improve the city’s economy, farms, factories, and housing can be developed. Construct buildings in such a way that tax revenue and city expansion are maximized. Creating new tourist attractions and recreational facilities is a definite strategy to enhance the number of foreign visitors. There will also be electricity, food production, and public contentment issues. After you’ve mastered the intricacies of city management and trading, you may complete your industrialized metropolis with a sleek, modern style.

In the offline pocket universe Q&R New City, as mayor of your free city, you’ll encounter a variety of gaming scenarios that will put your priorities to the test. When designing a city, it is critical to place buildings to boost tax revenue strategically. Gain access to over 300 unique structures, upgrade them to make your citizens happier, generate jobs, and use the money you earn from these buildings to support city expansion. However, important personalities in your city will give you many assignments and presents that will make your experience one to remember. Design and maintain the world’s infrastructure through designing and maintaining homes, skyscrapers, farms, businesses, hotels, and restaurants. Citizens will react quickly to city modifications and provide feedback if anything needs to be fixed.