PictureThis is an excellent tool for those who want to expand their knowledge of plants and the variety of their habitats. Plant experts and researchers have significantly contributed to the development of the application, providing many documents, names, and images to identify the plants around the user. Many people do not know flowers or their shapes and how to mature them, but it becomes simple to identify plants and other information through this app.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier PictureThis – Plant Identifier


The primary function of PictureThis is to analyze plants and their species to extract more helpful information about their origins. Users scan them through the camera, and the app presents information such as their scientific names, associated shapes, variations, uses, and many other types of information. The application will use a huge data source from geniuses, helping users identify all the plants around them.


Even if the user knows the names of the plants, some species are poisonous or dangerous to interact with or consume. Therefore, after the user scans the plants, important information will be listed neatly, alerting the user immediately if it is poisonous or harms pets, children, and the environment. Thanks to that knowledge, the user can remove the affected plants easily through well-informed procedures.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier PictureThis – Plant Identifier


Besides recognizing the names and attributes of plants, PictureThis can analyze both their cyclical condition or ominous signs. The analysis results also go along with the methods of curing or restoring the plants, including the fertilizers or tonics needed to make them healthy again. That saves users from hiring experts to take care of bonsai while better understanding the plants around them.


People can enrich their knowledge of plants through interaction with botanical experts who have in-depth knowledge and care for all plants. Conveniently, the interaction is two-way, and the user can provide additional images for more accurate information. Of course, users can ask the experts about indoor plants’ issues to enhance their vitality intensely.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier PictureThis – Plant Identifier


PictureThis is also a good place for users to save all the growth of some ornamental plants they are taking care of. They can create multiple folders, and each represents the development process from seed to maturity and fruit or make flowers. It is a great feature for the user to relax the mood while looking back at the miraculous growth of plants over time.


The application will integrate a lively and rich library of knowledge about the world’s plants and their effective function to provide more personal knowledge. The library has all-important flora species, including many plant species available in the world and life. Fortunately, each piece of content is accompanied by high-quality images and detailed descriptions to immerse users in discovering rich information and more.

PictureThis is the most effective tool if users want to know more about the magic of the plant world and its shapes. Meanwhile, they can directly contact the experts for more effective ways to care for or protect them while raising a beautiful and prosperous flower garden.