This is a simulation game with super sharp graphics so you can immerse yourself in your own world. Through which the player will start the life of the robot and freely transform it into many different shapes. In this game, you can willingly do what you want without being banned by anyone, plus imagine that you are a shark but not hunting or anything but simply changing the battery to stay alive and active.

Robot Shark


If you love transforming games but incorporating combat action elements, Robot Shark is the perfect choice to bring you exciting features to experience. Starting in the game, the player will become a robot with many exciting features, and it will support you throughout the experience. Players will be taken to a miniature city full of amenities accompanied by simulated roads with 3D graphics to create the most realistic feeling when playing.

In addition, you can operate simultaneously in the sea and on land because the tasks given to you will correspond to many different locations. Besides, the control method will not be too difficult, so you just need to perform operations on the screen to move your character freely.

Robot Shark


Robot Shark is a place where you can freely operate without worrying about other problems. In addition, the game will lead you to unique play spaces when providing exciting game modes along with locations for players to explore freely. Your main task in this game is to flexibly move in the city with the tasks given by the game.

This game will not be too difficult for you to control, so just perform the simple operations displayed on the screen and flexibly move the character to go to the necessary places. In addition, players need to move and attack when encountering emergencies constantly. Also, you need to complete the mission and change the robot form if you want.

Robot Shark


In this game, you will have to confront a series of enemies with the same shape as you and sometimes encounter the police, so always be careful not to be defeated. The game will provide you with a diverse gun weapon system for you to experience and attack those who stand in your way freely.

During the course of the mission, you will be directly confronted with many different enemies, but they will also carry the same strength as you, so if you are not careful, you will lose. In addition, players should combine flexible moves and continuously attack the goals ahead. The police will always appear and stalk, so use your character’s fighting ability to kick them all.

Robot Shark


In order not to be boring when playing, Robot Shart provides you with many levels with different game modes, and now you just need to become a robot and go around your city. After successfully completing the missions, the player is allowed to unlock more new locations and explore at will. Plus, you can go to the depths and find your sun on the beach in the distance.

Another exciting thing is that a new world will be opened with a vast ocean along with new towns, and it is also a place for you to continue your quest. Show off your fighting skills through confrontations with enemies and use vehicles to move faster. You can change the vehicle or plane. And besides, the tank is also used to fight.

Robot Shark


  • Become a legendary robot with unique features of the game and delight in changing its appearance to perform tasks; players will be active inside the beautiful city with 3D graphics
  • The game is built with simple but equally attractive gameplay when bringing a lively space in a realistic city, and at the same time, you will be transformed into a robot to experience new locations
  • Start the mission by transforming into one of two forms, you can operate in the ocean in the body of a shark or move on the streets, and it is up to you to choose
  • Diverse experience with different missions, besides the player will face other enemies and need to use weapons with high damage to defeat the opponents
  • Face a series of challenges, and you will need to attack the police if you do not want to be disturbed, plus unlock and explore new worlds