Simply Auto tracks your mileage and updates your trip route using Bluetooth or GPS. Allows access to different vehicles and synchronizes data to help you backup your trip log and alert you to vehicle maintenance. What’s more, the app keeps track of your mileage for business tax deductions and allows you to transfer data to another device.

Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app


Do you own a car and are having trouble maintaining it because you don’t know when your car needs to be checked? Do you spend a lot of time maintaining your car regularly while your car has not had any problems? Then this application will be a perfect choice for you to help you solve car problems. The app helps you log your trip routes, refills, maintenance services, and more, saving you money and optimizing fuel costs and overall vehicle.

Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app


The application keeps track of your vehicle’s maintenance by recording the costs of paying for vehicle services, tracking mileage, trips and reminding you when your car is having problems. Receipts for services such as gas filling, car repair, maintenance, etc. will be uploaded on the application, backing up data, statistics, and showing various graphs provided by the application to help you save money. Save money as well as manage your car expenses more easily.

Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app


With outstanding features, the application can automatically update your trip route accurately by Bluetooth or GPS, automatically remind, and automatically update your car by week and month. Trips are categorized by category and recorded with mileage and distance deductions for cost savings. This is really a utility application for those who have a car, and the process of managing, tracking, and controlling the car is easier and faster.

Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app


– Fast data synchronization and sharing for car-sharing drivers with easy drivers.
– Backup data, sync with the iOS operating system, share as CSV file or upload manually to Google Drive.
– With the feature of automatically making weekly/monthly reports to make it easier for you to control and manage your vehicle.
– Data saving feature helps you not to worry about taking up too much space
– Your data information is updated on the web you can access and check faster.