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Tank Warfare will give you an impression in your first experiences as you move the tank in fierce battles and destroy the enemy. You will need to move carefully and choose the correct position to aim and shoot. Simultaneously, each shot will be taken after a period of preparation, and the shot damage can be improved through upgrades.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game


Players will participate in a fierce battle between tanks of different countries in Tank Warfare. The game’s goal is completely simple: to destroy the enemies that appear before you and support your teammates to achieve victory at each level. At the same time, there will be support items throughout the game for you to take advantage of, and these are sure to be great experiences as you will try to take down as many enemies as you see.

The control of the tank is introduced when you start the level, and of course, it will not be as complicated as you think. On the screen, there will be a joystick button for you to freely navigate your tank and a fire button that will help you fire powerful bullets to destroy the enemy. You can also use aiming to pinpoint the exact location of your enemies if they’re too far away. Of course, you also need to be careful in moving because enemies can appear everywhere.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game


An interesting point when you participate in the level of Tank Warfare is that you will identify some targets near you. These targets are displayed on the HUD that you can easily observe, and their health bars will be obvious in front of your eyes. So you have to observe your surroundings and decide on a strategy to approach them carefully. Of course, the weapon you use is the tank, not the guns in the FPS, so you will need to be careful.

You can aim or shoot enemies normally, and then you will see some lines near the aim that will change from green to red. That indicates that the tank’s ammo is being prepared, and you will need to wait for some time to fire your next shot. So, after you have successfully shot the enemy, you should keep moving, maintain distance from the target and kill it right after to earn points for your team.

The goal of each level is quite simple: you and your teammates will participate in a match with a continuous countdown. At the same time, each team will continuously increase their kill points, and the team with more points will be the winner. Of course, this is not a simple job because the damage of each tank is impressive, and sometimes, with luck, players can also pick up some support items such as refilling the HP bar.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game


An interesting point when you participate in the levels in Tank Warfare is that the rate of getting some chests containing rewards is quite impressive. Inside each chest, there can be resources that you can use in the game and support elements that can trigger an effect. Specifically, you can speed up your tank repair or set up a solid armor immune to damage for 10 seconds. You will need to choose carefully before participating in the game screen.

An interesting point that will surely make you impressed is the adjustment of the tank to make it more beautiful and powerful. You can change the exterior color of the tank and add some decorative symbols to it. At the same time, you also know the parts that you can upgrade through the red exclamation point icon, and you will need a lot of money to do this. After upgrading, you will enjoy trying out the new power of your tank.

Tank Warfare: PvP Blitz Game

Players will participate in impressive tank battles that they cannot take their eyes off:

  • Players will control the tank and try to destroy the enemy to increase the team’s score and coordinate with other teammates to win the level.
  • The way the tank is controlled is entirely accessible to many, and they will need to move carefully and accurately fire high-damage shots.
  • The enemies you want to destroy will be easily identified on the map, and their health bar is the basis to help you choose the target.
  • The number of rewards you can get is completely diverse, and players will notice items appearing unexpectedly from chests.
  • Some items aid the player for a short period, and they can change the tank’s appearance and improve its damage.