Thief Simulator is a simulation game where you will play as a bandit with different missions. You will have access to the mechanics of the game and the steps to break into any house with the items you have. After the mission is completed, you will drive back to base to rest, order new tools and upgrade your skills after learning the character’s skill tree.

Thief Simulator


In Thief Simulator, players will be transformed into a bandit who has a base with many items for his robbery. Players will take jobs and infiltrate different houses to complete the level by searching for specific objects. In addition, there are many ways for you to enter a house, and you will have a realistic feeling when performing each action of a robber from a first-person perspective.

From a first-person perspective, players will control the character with detailed control buttons, from joystick to different buttons. You will recognize which objects you can touch and press the corresponding button to add to your bag or take with you. In addition, the game also provides an item wheel that allows you to adjust items to perform tasks or use bare hands. Certainly, using the wheel will often be faster than the normal option.

Thief Simulator


When you start Thief Simulator, you will receive a call from an ally who will introduce you to a full range of useful gameplay-related information. You will get an item first and can destroy some wooden fences if their construction is completely loose. At the same time, after infiltrating the house, you will begin plundering what is in that house and completing the goal of the game screen.

It is an open world, so you can freely interact with the surrounding objects and lie in objects of different sizes. They all have a specific value and are kept in your pocket. At the same time, you certainly won’t forget your tasks when the task system is listed. The system sometimes also locates the items you need to steal or where you need to go to help you move around and complete the level.

Thief Simulator

After you have obtained the important item, you will need to move to the required location to escape. Some doors are locked, and you will need to jump through the windows; of course, this jump is only done when you are not carrying any objects. So if you steal a large object, you should throw it out first, jump out of the window, pick it up, and move it to your car. For sure, you will drive and move back to your base.


In Thief Simulator, players will have a car to move for themselves, and the game’s environment is completely large. You will be able to move to any location you want, and in your base, there will be many objects with different mechanisms. There will be a chair where you can rest with the rest time decided by the player. In addition, you also find a computer where you can order additional items used in the robbery.

Thief Simulator

When you complete the levels well in the game, you will get a certain amount of experience, so your level can increase over time. In addition, you can also easily access the character’s skill tree system and consider choosing the appropriate development direction by learning the effectiveness of each skill. Indeed, there will always be challenging missions that you must complete.

Players will perform the role of a bandit:

  • Players will receive a specific task that contains the necessary information about the items to be stolen, and they will infiltrate any house.
  • Each house has specific problems that the player can take advantage of and tools that affect different objects.
  • In some cases, important locations will be positioned so that you can move quickly and you can touch many objects around.
  • After getting the necessary items, you will move to your car to move back to the base, where many things help you develop your character.
  • The character can rest on a chair, order new tools using the computer, and a skill system is waiting for you to develop.