You can only use the True Amps: Battery Companion feature if your device is charging. You’ll be able to keep an eye on things like battery life, alerts, music, and the time without having to turn on and off your phone. Because it’s free, we’ve optimized it to consume the least amount of CPU and system resources. As far as I can tell, the program’s always-on display is one of its most useful features. When your phone is turned off, you may still see what occurs to it and figure out what happened. If you use the phone while it is charging, it will take longer to charge and finally run out of battery life.

Those who prefer to keep their eyes glued to their devices may find this a welcoming environment. You can always see what you want to see on the gadget while it is charging. To the right of the time, you’ll see a percentage of the battery’s remaining life, and below that, you’ll see a bottle-like effect showing how much battery life is left.

If you activate the edge lighting on your devices, you will notice an improvement in their performance. It is almost like having a beautiful border around your phone because the colors on it are continually changing so that it can maintain its attractive appearance.

If you use this software, you don’t want to let the battery charge for an excessively long period of time. When the phone receives a large number of notifications all at once, what behavior does it exhibit? It does not result in any difficulties for the application. They have the ability to do all in their power to reduce the number of notifications that aren’t relevant. You can also configure specific applications to notify you whenever they are opened. You have the opportunity to converse with them as well.