Are you looking for a difference in icon selection? Then Vera Outline White Icon Pack will meet those differences and create more distinctive highlights. The application will provide icons with a unique white border on the modern dark background. This also easily shows us how attractive the application is and always creates a new feeling. We feel interested in the application because the user will be able to change and design it to suit their needs.

Vera Outline White Icon Pack Vera Outline White Icon Pack


Apps always provide you with new and unique icons and icon packs. The quality of these icons is always guaranteed to suit your needs better. More specifically, it enhances the inherent value of the icons when the quality is absolutely guaranteed.


Icons in Vera Outline White Icon Pack will be divided according to certain themes. Each theme will have its own characteristics, which makes this application attractive. Moreover, users should also give the opinions that they want to choose, and then the application will help them filter before giving an opinion.

Vera Outline White Icon Pack Vera Outline White Icon Pack


The application is known for the main difference: the icon will have a characteristic white border. The main use is to highlight your logo and then make it different from other icons.


After providing a series of icons, the application will have an accompanying wallpaper. This wallpaper will make our device more uniform than ever. Each icon pack will have a variety of dark wallpapers to make our white-bordered icons stand out more.

Vera Outline White Icon Pack Vera Outline White Icon Pack


You can design your own icons according to your thoughts and ideas. More specifically, you can also come up with ideas, and then the application will create interesting common features for you.

  • Design your own unique icons to create something new and different in the collection.
  • The application provides you with a wide range of icons and icon packs for you to choose from.
  • Provide a variety of dark background themes to create a new and attractive application.
  • Quality is always guaranteed, and resolution is strongly emphasized in this application.
  • Easily add new details and icons available and use them for your device optimally.