Although Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer offer an extensive collection of songs, there are still some brave souls who choose not to subscribe to their premium services. These individuals find solace in applications like YMusic, the YouTube music player and downloader, which allows them to download and enjoy their favorite tracks offline, without any charge. This rebellious attitude is what keeps such apps alive and popular among music enthusiasts.

YMusic Mod APK is a tool you can use to play YouTube video in background, and download video with variety formats (include MP3) totally FREE. Why do you have to load full video data while you only want to enjoy the music (audio)? YMusic helps you save a lot of bandwidth because it only load audio of the video, now you can enjoy millions music video in YouTube without worrying about data wasted.


YMusic is not just another app on the Android market. It stands out as an efficient music downloader with a minimalist design, unlike the cluttered and ad-filled interfaces of its competitors. With YMusic, users can download the vast majority of music available on YouTube directly from music videos. But that’s not all – YMusic also serves as a full-fledged music library manager, offering features such as an intelligently designed song search engine, a customizable interface, and a built-in multimedia player. What sets YMusic apart from other music downloaders is its ability to let users choose the file type and name of the downloaded song, providing a personalized musical experience. It’s no wonder that YMusic is a favorite among music lovers everywhere.


YMusic is not just a resource for music lovers, it’s an all-knowing oracle that helps users explore different types of content. The app offers a wide variety of music, from the latest domestic trends to the hottest tunes and videos from around the world. Users can sign in with Google and save their playlists, as well as create custom playlists based on their listening habits. It’s like getting lost in a delightful maze of music. YMusic strikes the perfect balance between personalized recommendations and broad exploration, adapting to users’ preferences while always providing fresh and exciting content for them to discover.


YMusic is a versatile app that stands out for its ability to serve both as a download manager and a video download client. The app supports multiple music file formats, including AAC, VORBIS, and MPS, allowing users to choose their preferred format while downloading songs. In addition to its music capabilities, YMusic also offers a video download client that supports formats from 360p up to 1080p. This feature makes the app more than just a music player, as users can download and watch their favorite music videos offline. Furthermore, YMusic has a unique feature that launches videos immediately on YouTube, providing an easy transition between the two services. Overall, YMusic is a comprehensive app that caters to all your music and video needs.


The positive customer feedback about YMusic is a testament to its excellence in downloading music and videos from YouTube. Users have praised the app for its quality and efficiency, making it a worthy alternative to other music-downloading programs like TubeMate. YMusic’s unique design sets it apart from other music apps, as it prioritizes ease of use and lacks distracting ads. This refreshing lack of advertisements is a breath of fresh air that makes YMusic stand out in the crowded music app market. Overall, YMusic is an excellent app that deserves more than just a passing glance from music enthusiasts.


YMusic is not your typical music app, starting from the moment you launch it. The app’s standout feature is its ability to search YouTube’s vast music library and download songs in multiple formats. YMusic is a prime example of resourcefulness and adaptability among music apps, as it combines YouTube’s extensive collection with offline listening. Compared to its competitors, YMusic has a significant advantage in terms of customized playlists. It’s not just about listening to your favorite songs; it’s about creating a personalized musical experience. With YMusic, users have unprecedented control over their music downloads, including the ability to choose the file format, name, and interface colors. Overall, YMusic is a unique and innovative app that offers a personalized and customizable music experience.